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Spider Vein Treatment

If you're grappling with the embarrassment of Spider Veins, you're likely familiar with the self-consciousness stemming from those conspicuous red streaks. For many dealing with this issue, stockings and long sleeves aren't seasonal choices—they're year-round essentials. Admitting that assistance is needed might be a challenge, but chronic embarrassment takes a toll on self-esteem. Moreover, statistics indicate that over 60% of the global population will contend with vein-related issues at some point in their lives.

For transvestites and transsexual women, hair removal poses a significant challenge in attaining a feminine appearance, whether pre- or post-op. Traditionally, the process has been painful, expensive, and seemingly endless. Fortunately, advancements in technology bring positive news in your pursuit of a beautiful female body.

What are Spider Veins ?

They begin as smaller blood vessels, which develop into larger ones and over time branch out to give that spindly spider-like appearance. These unsightly veins give off a trademark blue or purplish appearance, often to the bane of women and men who carry them.

Spider veins are often found on calves, inside leg, thighs, nose, chin, or cheeks. However, they are not just cosmetic imperfections. Spider veins can be indicative of further circulatory issues and can also lead to ruptures within the body. They can bulge, become itchy or painful, especially when being still for long periods of time. This means that long-haul flights, journeys, and meetings can be insufferable. However with laser technology, these marks can be tackled immediately and over a course of treatments, you will see a significant reduction in their appearance. Your legs will be left smoother and with a more even and better complexion.

How Accurate Laser can help

Accurate Laser leads the way in the laser treatment of veins. We are equipped with revolutionary technology which gently eliminates the noticeable appearance of spider veins.

By sending pulses of light energy into the affected area, a process called Photothermolysis begins to breakdown the threading. The laser energy is absorbed by the blood vessels which reduces how much blood travels through it. This is how the vein gradually shrinks down and its nasty appearance subsides.

Normal, healthy skin is unchanged as the laser only impacts the troubled areas. You may find slight swelling or bruising but this will clear up totally. You may experience momentary discomfort but there will be absolutely no pain. Even better, this life-changing treatment is non-surgical so you won’t have to worry about scarring, recovery times, or needles!

You can seamlessly return to work and resume your everyday activities, as if the experience never took place.