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Transgendered & Transvestite Hair Removal

If you're a trans woman dealing with unwanted body and facial hair, longing to eliminate the 5 o'clock shadow, Laser & You offers a solution to help you achieve a smoother, more feminine appearance. Our fast, reliable, and cost-effective approach brings you closer to realizing your dream body.

For transvestites and transsexual women, hair removal poses a significant challenge in attaining a feminine appearance, whether pre- or post-op. Traditionally, the process has been painful, expensive, and seemingly endless. Fortunately, advancements in technology bring positive news in your pursuit of a beautiful female body.

Attuned to Your Requirements

Navigating the challenges of maintaining an authentic female appearance is a significant undertaking for many in the transgender and transvestite communities. We recognize that it's not merely about looking like a woman; it's about being one, and your body's alignment with your self-perception is crucial.

For transvestites and transwomen, the persistent reliance on temporary hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing poses an ongoing challenge. While these methods offer short-term relief, it takes only a few days to a week before stubble trouble reappears on your legs, arms, and face.

At Laser & You , we understand this struggle and aim to support you on your journey. Both men and women naturally have varying levels of testosterone in their bodies, with biologically born males having higher levels, particularly during puberty. This hormonal influence leads to the development of coarse body and facial hair. Daily despair in front of the mirror affects your well-being and disrupts your life as a woman.

While hormone therapy is essential for regulating these levels, Laser & You 's treatments provide an almost instant and painless way to enhance your femininity. Dealing with unwanted hair can be distressing, and we acknowledge the frustrations our clients face. To put an end to these challenges, Laser & You offers a perfect solution to halt hair growth effectively.

Why Is Laser & You Right For You?

As experts in beauty, Laser & You understands that achieving your ideal self can feel obscured beneath the persistent growth of hair, which frustratingly returns thicker and darker each time. For transgender patients, attaining a clean, silky appearance is a vital aspect of the transition. Fortunately, Laser & You takes pride in offering a cutting-edge solution to eliminate unwanted hair. Designed with your needs in mind, the Candela GentleMax Laser delivers remarkably effective and unbeatable results.

Under our expert care, we provide laser treatments that are medically approved and safe for all skin types, including European, Asian, Mediterranean, and Afro-Caribbean. This technology is suitable for use on all areas of the body and in all climates, allowing you to receive treatment year-round, even during the summer. Regardless of your skin tone or the season, let us handle the hard work for you.

Upon completing your treatments, we believe you will be satisfied with the smooth transformation you experience. Picture yourself finally able to wear that dress without worrying about stubble or confidently flaunting your legs. Our team is genuinely passionate about your success, and at Laser & You, we are often described as a close "family." We genuinely care about your results and are committed to helping you step out with the body you were meant to have.

What is the Mechanism Behind Laser & You's Treatment?

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we offer an innovative FDA-approved laser that ensures pain-free treatment. The laser precisely targets the area with powerful pulses of energy, reaching the hair follicles beneath the skin. The intense heat effectively eliminates the root without causing harm to your skin.

Our medical-grade laser incorporates two onboard cryogen canisters, releasing a cooling spray instantly at the treatment site. This guarantees a pain-free experience each time, eliminating the need for messy and ineffective anesthetic gels used by other clinics. The safety of our approach is underscored by FDA approval for all skin types, with no long-term side effects.

While clients at most clinics may experience slight discomfort due to commonly used beauty-grade machinery, our Laser & You treatment stands out as completely painless.

Our laser effectively eliminates hair from problematic areas for transgender individuals, including:

  • Face: Beard, mustache, jawline, chin, sideburns, ears, neck, nose.
  • Torso: Chest, stomach, back, and shoulders.
  • Limbs: Arms, underarms, legs, hands, and feet.
  • Other: Buttocks, genital regions.

What Occurs During My Complimentary Consultation?

When you schedule a consultation with our highly trained team, you'll experience complete confidentiality with no obligations. Feel at ease, as our professional staff will address your questions and assist you at every stage. We'll assess your skin, hair type, and ask some standard questions, followed by a patch test using the laser on a small skin area to determine optimal settings for you.

After our evaluation, you'll receive feedback and learn about available options. With a history of satisfied transgender and transvestite clients, we're confident you'll leave the session feeling assured and informed. You're welcome to embrace your hair-free journey whenever you're ready—there's no obligation or catch with our consultations.

Achieving Optimal Results with Laser & You

Typically, you can expect an overall hair reduction rate of 80-90%. By targeting hair during its active growth stage, we aim to destroy follicles effectively from the bud, enhancing the laser's efficiency. A course of treatment is usually necessary, depending on your hair type, to permanently disrupt follicles and impede hair production. We specialize in handling larger areas such as the beard and chest, providing the most effective and long-term hair removal solution.

After treatment, you may notice some individual raised areas where the laser has affected the follicle, resulting in slight redness that quickly dissipates. Hair shedding occurs approximately two weeks post-treatment, with regrowth taking two to four weeks. Therefore, we schedule appointments at four to six-week intervals. Between sessions, we recommend using Aloe Vera gel, applied immediately after your session at our clinic. It's advisable to avoid excess sun, heat, and sweating for a few days post-treatment, and these details will be discussed in depth during your consultation.

Why Opt for Laser & You?

Wondering about the potential cost of this miraculous solution? Rest assured, our team understands the emotional and financial challenges you may be facing. Laser & You strives to provide a variety of budget-friendly treatments, addressing your needs with sensitivity. Despite being located in Holborn, our clinic offers competitive and fair prices. We are committed to tailoring the best offer for you, whether it involves a payment plan or simply offering a friendly ear.

Laser & You, a unisex clinic in London, warmly welcomes everyone seeking top-notch and highly effective hair removal treatments. We prioritize confidentiality, fully supporting and embracing the LGBT community and its members.

  • Achieve up to 90% permanent hair removal success
  • Experience pain-free, cost-effective treatments
  • Ideal for removing extensive body hair areas

To learn more and seize the opportunity for this transformative treatment, schedule your free, no-obligation consultation now.